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Future Technologies, Inc. provides custom leak testing systems, function testing equipment, welding and assembly automation, and calibrated standard leaks to solve your quality control challenges and satisfy your customer's demands.

Product quality and integrity are a must in today's market.  Through careful analysis of your specific needs, we deliver concepts which develop into rugged and reliable industrial production equipment systems.  FTI designed systems are recognized worldwide for their dependability, value and operational benefits.

FTI offers 10 different forms of leak testing, including: Helium Mass Spectrometry, Residual Gas Analysis, Pressure Decay, Pressure Increase, Vacuum Decay and Flow Testing.  The variety of leak testing methods we offer, together with product function testing, allows a precise match between the application and the testing method selected.  FTI's field proven test capabilities range from gross leaks to leaks as small as 10-9 standard cc/sec, using a variety of test media.

FTI also offers products and services in the areas of custom machine tool and machine tool control design and implementation, welding and assembly automation, functional testing automation, and calibrated leak manufacturing and re-calibration.  


Future Technologies is the "one-stop" manufacturer of all your leak testing needs!


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FTI is a Certified Minority Owned Business

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